Coal City Home Inspections

AA Home Inspections. State licensed, InterNACHI Certified, AHIT Certified, years of experience, and one of the best, most thorough inspections in Will, Lasalle, Grundy, Kendall, Livingston, & Kankakee Counties!

Your Premier Illinois Home Inspector


Thorough home inspections for both buyers and sellers to help you make educated, well-informed informed decisions.


We get in hard-to-reach places, whenever possible. Places that other inspectors shy away from.


We help you to understand your home, your inspection report, and the issues that may be there.


We work hard to be the best. We are InterNACHI Certified, AHIT Certified, & State licensed.

“I inspect every home and for every client as if I were inspecting for family”

– Andrew Ahline, Your Home Inspector
Coal City Home Inspector Illinois
Hamilton Home Inspectors


In addition to being state-licensed, we are also fully certified home inspectors through InterNACHI – the world’s largest home inspector association. With an InterNACHI Certification, we are better equipped to inspect your home.


We have had extensive training to hone our skills as your home inspector through AHIT. This is so we can be up to date on the latest building trends, and to make sure that you are thoroughly informed whenever you are buying a home.


We are certified professionals for First Time Home Buyers. This means that we take extra time to help you understand your home, the issues involved, and how things work. We make sure that you are well-equipped to buy and maintain your home.

Thorough Inspections

We provide our clients with truly thorough inspections. We are highly trained and experienced, and we find more than the average inspector.

From your roof to your foundation, we scour your home looking for issues. At the same time, we also educate you on how to maintain your home and how it works.

Coal City Home Inspections

Digital Reports

We provide all of our clients with a clear, easy-to-read digital home inspection report. Our reports are a powerful negotiating tool, as well as a practical guide to your home.

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